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​Who are we ? 

 We ,the Ambassadors for Hope club, are a group of teens dedicated to saving lives and giving back. We come from all over Southern California and range from 12-18 years old. 


Where are we located ? 

Currently, we are thriving at both Calabasas High School and New Community Jewish High School both located in the San Fernando Vally. Many club members are dedicated to helping out however do not attend one of the schools we are located at. We never will turn a voulenteer down ,and if you are intrested in helping we are always waiting with open arms. We continuously keep growth and expansion in our minds as we move into the future. 


How do we give back ?

We are strongly tied to The City of Hope Blood Donor Center and Be the Match, the national marrow donor program. We work to help The City of Hope and Be the Match by spreading awareness , raising money, recruiting possible stem cell and bone marrow donors, collecting blood, and spreading hope. Look around! It's pretty common to find a head lifesaver or a lit , lifesaver in training, out in the world giving back and saving lifes! 

How we started 

In 2010 Morgan Davidson, The founder and director of the AFH club, began working on a project in honor of her grandmother who had passed away in 2009 of aggressive lymphoma.  Fast forward a couple of years and here we are ! Morgans passion for giving back and saving lives has been and enless journey. In her sophomore year of High School she opened the first chapter of The Ambassadors For Hope Club.... 





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